Application Development

Croftonite Limited has been involved in software development and software maintenance for the past thirty years, developing for clients in the automotive, petrochemical general engineering and fashion industries.

Our consultants have experience in Microsoft Visual Basic (both 6 and .Net), Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server as well as many DOS based legacy languages such as Clipper, Xbase, Dbase II & III , C and C++, We can convert your existing applications to the latest visual language.

Legacy xbase systems can be maintained and or developed in Clipper or Xharbour to allow 32 bit operation and conversion to Visual Xharbour for a Windows interface. Xharbour can even be complied to run on Linux machines if required for a true multi platform environment

Lotus Notes is still used by corporate companies it is an email system and a document based database. Croftonite has developed custom based applications for Japanese clients based all over the world using Lotus Script,  Lotus Command Language, JavaScpript

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